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Little Life Changers

July 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Children no doubt change your life, but sometimes they change it in a way you never expected.  You want to be able to give them the world and everything they desire but in reality sometimes the best you can give them is reassuring arms and a big hug.  However that doesn't stop you from trying to give them the world. 

Being a full time stay at home mum is such a privilege these days.  I would love to be there to pick my daughter up from school everyday but I also want to be able to go on the occasional family holiday and be able to buy my children the birthday presents they desperately want. So I work part time and many of my mummy friends do the same.  I don't hate working, believe me adult time is sometimes a blessing, but for me if there was a way I could work and be there all the time for my children I would do it.   

Growing up I really did take for granted the fact that my mother was a stay at home mum.  Now I know it wasn't easy and they made many sacrifices to allow my mother to be with us.  I cannot remember the amount of times I had to ring my mother from school telling her I had forgotten my homework, sports clothes or flute and she would drop it off to me every time (Thank you MUM!).

It wasn't until my third child that I started thinking about other work options to investigate to contribute to my family.  And that led me to photography and I found a simmering passion I never knew was there.   Looking amongst my friends I can see many other mums looking outside the box as well and showing the world their own skills and passions.  Social media has helped boost these created from home ventures and I want to support a few through my blog.  My first is a beautiful mum that I had the privilege of photographing recently with her new second daughter.

Mel is a mumma of two and the creator behind Wildstitches.  As she puts it, Wildstitches is her creative vent for wall art and nursery decor.  She hand makes beautiful items and you can see through her work that her children are her inspiration.   Please take a moment to check out her Facebook page  @wildstitches1  or her website www.wildstitches.com.au.  Her products are wonderful and would make great, unique presents for new bubbas.

I'd love to feature other people in the future that are starting up their own small businesses, so if you know of any that you think are fabulous, let me know!

In the mean time, keep dry in this weather and have a great weekend!

Cheers Michelle


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