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My name is Michelle and I live on the central coast of NSW with my very supportive husband and our three wonderful, energetic children.   I grew up in Sydney but followed a handsome man north and have built a great life on the coast.  Living near beaches, lakes and national parks is a blessing for any photographer!  


When I was younger I used to stare at a beautiful black and white photo my mother had up on her wall of her four little daughters. I would marvel at the amazing moment in time the photographer had captured and wish that I could do the same.   After many twists and turns in my life I have reached a point where I can pursue a long held dream. In 2015 I enrolled in a Diploma of Photography with The Photography Institute.  Studying photography has given me so much joy and with it confidence to share my gift with others.  If I didn't have the wonderful demands of mothering three little ones, I'm sure a camera would never leave my hands now.


Like any mother, my children are my life. Using photography I can capture their ever changing little spirits and personalities. I know when they have eventually grown and making lives for themselves, that I will have a wonderful photographic journal of their brief childhood years.  I'd love to help you and others have the same. 


I started out on my photography journey not knowing where my  ideal speciality would lay.  Would I be a newborn photographer, a wedding photographer or specialise in product photography.  There was so many avenues my passion could take, and to be truthful any opportunity I get to pick up my camera makes my heart sing.  I love how diverse a career in photography can be and I have gratefully taken every opportunity that has come my way and enjoyed every minute of it.  But as my journey continues I now know that were my greatest love for photography  lies is in Styled Children Portraiture.  I love creating a scene in my mind and seeing it come to life in front of my camera.  I'm looking forward to see where my journey takes me from here!