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World Photography Day!!!!

August 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Today is World Photo Day! Its a day where we celebrate the images that we cherish, inspire us and sometimes even leave us wishing we were somewhere else! On this day photographers all around the world, of all levels, should pick up their camera and capture the world around them through a lens. Today is also a day to stop and really appreciate some of the amazingly talented photographers that may have come into your life.  Get out your wedding photos and have another look. Stop in front of that family portrait on the wall that your walk past every day.  Find the old black and white portraits of your grandparents and marvel at the skill of those old photographers.  Dig out the past school photos of yourself and your children and be grateful for the moment in time that is captured.  

And when you have done that check out the images that you have taken. Sit down with your phone and head back to the beginning of your camera roll.  Feel the smile grow as you scroll through.  Check out Facebook and all your tagged photos, and maybe thank the heavens that Facebook wasn't around in your younger days!  Find the cherished photos of those that have passed and be thankful that a camera has helped capture the memory of those dearly loved.  There is a reason why people try and grab their photos when evacuating their homes.  Photos are like time capsules. They remind us of people and times that we fear forgetting.  

Every day my Facebook feed is full of beautiful images posted by photographers from all around the world. There are times when I don't even read any posts but just scroll to each new photo to marvel at the different images posted.  Everyone has such a different view of the world and it shows through these images. Seeing other peoples images keeps me motivated.  So tonight when you're finally sitting down and putting your feet up, search through Facebook, Instagram or Google for photographers. Choose to follow them and let their images inspired you on a daily basis.  When I first  ventured into portrait photography I stubbled across an amazing photographer from Poland. Her name is Magdalena Berny and she inspires me to this day with her talent.  Take a moment to wander through her amazing photos. 

There are many other amazing photographers of all levels that I follow and here is just a few of them:

​Jinky Art Photography                       365 Days In Woy                     Kahnivore Photography


Enjoy your day.....Go take a photo!

Cheers Michelle



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